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Welcome to Adults Against Child Pornography
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We support the "Amber Alert Program"

One of the most offensive and serious problems on the net is that of child pornography in particular and sexual offenders in general. Unscrupulous indviduals and webmasters continue to infect the web with their filth by using underage children on their websites and other predatory behavior via the internet. There is a big difference between legal adult sites and those that deal in child pornography. This is our small contribution by preventing this domain from falling into the wrong hands and being used in any other way than reporting abuse to the proper authorities. On this site you can report when you find child pornography anywhere on or off the web. We provide you with direct links to a multitude of organizations that may be helpful. The Department of Justice below has info on their website that is helpful. Do your part by taking a moment to report child pornography. The BEST thing you can do is not publicize any link you may suspect of exploiting underage children. Posting the URL ANYWHERE on the web will only make the problem worse. Instead simply send email with the site URL directly to U.S. Customs. It takes only a moment of your time and makes the net a safer and better place.

Sexual offenders are no longer invisible!

Here are the most up to date links in reporting Child Pornography


To report to the FBI Call your local FBI office
Contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or call 1-800-843-6578
Contact one of the FBI Legal Attaches around the world. (Plus international agencies such as Interpol.)

America's Most Wanted

Protect your self NOW!!
The site below allows you to put in your home address and then shows all convicted sex offenders in your area via a local map..
A GREAT resourse. Is your neighbor a convicted sex offender? Find out now!


Wanna know where these offenders live?
The following states now provide this info.

Do you know who your neighbor is??

VICTORY!! The NEW Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Registry opened July 2005 - Alabama sex offenders - Alaska sex offenders Arkansas sex offenders - Arizona sex offenders - California sex offenders - Colorado sex offenders Connecticut sex offenders - Delaware sex offenders - Florida sex offenders - Georgia sex offenders Hawaii has NO sex offender list
Email Governor Ben Cayetano ( Iowa sex offenders

Idaho has NO sex offender list Dawn Peck (Phone) 208-884-7305; (Fax) 208-884-7193 - Illinois sex offenders - Indiana sex offenders Iowa sex offenders - Kansas sex offenders Kentucky sex registry Louisiana sex registry - Maine is just starting sex offender - Maryland sex offenders - Mass. sex offender registry - Michigan sex offenders - Minnesota sex offenders Mississippi sex offenders - Missouri has NO sex offender list Montana sex offenders Nebraska sex offenders - Nevada has no sex offender list - New Hampshire sex offenders as listed in the newspaper - New Jersey registry New Mexico sex offenders New York offenders - North Carolina sex offenders North Dakota sex offenders - Ohio sex offenders by county - Oklahoma spotty registry

Oregon sex offender registry - PA sex offenders - Rhode Island has no registry - South Carolina sex offenders

South Dakota has no registry Tennessee sexual offenders Texas Crime registry Utah sex offenders - Vermont sex offenders Virginia sex offenders - Washington sex offenders by city West Virginia sex offenders Wisconsin sexual offenders Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Not listed above? Check out this link for up to date info at Yahoo!

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It is illegal to put links up to sites that show Child pornography.
However, it is not illegal to list the names of companies and the owners that TRAFFIC in this crap. Starting in 2006, we will start listing those companies, the owners of those companies and hopefully a phone number and email address in which you and the authorities can easily contact these SCUM.

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